We are Lulubelle III an indie band based in Northern Ireland.

Our debut album A Saucepan Full of Sequins was released in 2011 and is available on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.

For those of you who still like to have something tangible we are also selling the CD for £8 plus £2 postage from the website.

Debut album available 
on iTunes

Order Foyle Delta Blues

Lulubelle III’s second album Foyle Delta Blues is available on iTunes, Amazon.

It is also available to order on CD.

Human Rights & Wrongs

Lulubelle III’s third album Human Rights & Wrongs is now available to buy on iTunes and Amazon. The album is released on 16th March 2015.

It is also available to order as a full colour retail CD.

Lulubelle III’s new album Human Rights and Wrongs is reflection on the things which make life good and bad. The songs have blend of Pet Shop Boys and Kraftwerk synths with Stranglersesque guitars. In the digital age life is lived and monitored on the Internet, human contact is now too often a series of tweets and status updates sent by people hunched over phones the topic of the track Long Distance. Looking over our shoulders the government protects our freedoms by reading all we look at and share, no need to worry though if you have nothing to hide? Musdep was written a year before the Edward Snowden revelations about NSA and GCHQ total surveillance and is now scarily more relevant than ever. For The Birds wonders what it would be like soar free as a bird unburdened by the daily pressures of our austerity society. Music is our escape and it is our Sound of Freedom whether mellow or Industrial Music. All albums need a road song and our one is about the A6, it is not quite as famous as Route 66 but give it time, the 212 bus from Belfast to Derry takes the journey many times a day, come have a look out the window with us. For all the amateur sleuths please don’t bother Googling Jack Hughes he didn’t do it, he’s a pun, don’t be upset and shout J’accuse please. Two Into One is the big closing track looking at how we can be be isolated by our fears and sometimes all we need to do take a small leap of faith.